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  • AssassinCreedFreak122

    Hey fellow Assassins here I wanted to talk about the combat in Assassin's Creed and things Ubisoft should consider bringing back to their next game.(as they no doubt finished working on AC:U)

    This skill is what made the enemies in the game actually dangerous which is not prevalent description of enemies in future games. This skill did not allow the player to stand idle and just hold the action button as higher level enemies, such as templars or captains, can break your defense and get a free hit on you unless you dodge. This free hit usually follows up with a heavy attack then a punch in the face, which would take the player health down a tremendous amount if not proficient in combat. This skill is also provided to the player and is great i…

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  • AssassinCreedFreak122


    February 2, 2013 by AssassinCreedFreak122

    After playing all the games again I think they should drop multiplayer the difference between AC1 and AC2 story is different from the rest. I mean they worked hard on making sure the singleplayer is good for the first two and after those two the Assassin's games did not have the quality. If Ubisoft decides to drop MP they can focus on the singleplayer instead of focusing on both. I mean AC3 tried and did well but I still favor the first one, so which Assassin's Creed is your favorite? and should they drop MP?

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  • AssassinCreedFreak122

    -Spoiler for anyone who has not finished AC3-

    Ok before I start writing please don't criticize or talk about me complaining, and stay on topic rather than insulting which seems to happen a lot on this wiki.

    Ok so AC3 is released and the thing we have been waiting for is for Desmond to finally do Assassin things and live up to the name. Problem being that was not done in this game Connor took all the highlights which is good I like Connor but Desmond, this is his last game the least they could have done was let a man have his highlights. I know you could say he did not have enough time to do a lot of things considering the end of the world was approaching fast but we have been waiting for this guy to do something spectacular I honestly had mo…

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  • AssassinCreedFreak122

    Well no doubt you guys heard about Jesper Kyd not returning and I don't know about you guys but this kinda worries me. Lorne Balf I think? is supposedly the new track composer for Assassin's Creed 3. I don't really know amything about this guy and his tracks so I really can't judge but I think Kyd would be better since his music was so moving in the past games. I just hope the music will be amazing in AC3

    But anyways moving on how do you guys feel about the music in the past games? For me it goes like this.

    Assassin's Creed- The music in the game was good music always went with the mood and what was going on and the enviroment. Also the music had ominous vibe to it which I liked. The track that stood out to me was the Chase theme.

    Assassin's …

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