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Bleeding effect

Hi there

I have been thinking about the bleeding effect and I have some questions.

First: since Desmond have relived the memorys of both an italian assassin and an syrian assassin, does this mean that Desmond can speak theese languages or does the animus translate Ezio's italian to english?

Second: if Desmond relive the memorys of a female assassin, could that like screw up his brain and make him gay or bisexual?

Third: can the ancestors opinions and thoughts effects Desmonds brain. forexample: id the ancestor likes blond girls, would that make Desmond like blond girls? and if the ancestor is a racist would that make Desmond a rasist?

And a final question: do you guys know if ubisoft is gonna patch the game and send out updates? becuse there is a lot of glitches in both singelplayer and multiplayer.

Thanks for reading.

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