• Assassin981

    Will Of the Blade

    Alone he stood, in amongst the crowd,

    The man’s father would had been so proud,

    Submerged in the bodies, his figure they did shroud,

    He waited patiently, to fulfil the duty he had vowed.

    His foe insight, he began to move,

    To his masters, the death he must prove,

    Soon, just one less person he need remove,

    His ways of assassination, he need not improve.

    The deed was done, with just one blade,

    So now the guards he must evade,

    With his escape he had no aid,

    And into the shadows he did fade.

    He works in the dark to serve the light,

    The cloaks he wore, both black and white,

    For what he does, he believes is right,

    For the peace and freedom he must fight.

    This single man, do most men fear,

    The same for his ancestor; Altair,

    The man’s family he did …

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