name:federico sinsatino

born in 1781 florence, italy

weapon/weapons of choice:double hidden blades, tomahawk, sword, 2 pistols, crossbow and throwing knives.

biography: was the youngest of three brothers and had two older sisters. worked as his fathers assisstant until one day he returned home from an errand and found his brothers, sisters, mother and father murdered. the only clue he had to who the killers were was a cross painted in blood on the wall and from that day on swore to avenge his family. he was approched by a man in a black hood who offered to help get his revenge by help the man ment to train to become an assassin. curious as to why the man would help him the man told federico that he was an assassin and that his father and mother were too which is why they were killed by the templars.


domenico sinsatino(father)

angela sinsatino(mother)

anna sinsatino(sister)

francesca sinsatino(sister)

vincenzno sinsatino(brother)

pietro sinsatino(brother)

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