So, yesterday i watched "The Last Of The Mohicans" and since i still had AC3 fresh on my mind i noticed quite a few similarities between the game and the film. I am also quite sure the developers took some ideas from the film and put them in AC3. Right, here are the similarities i noticed.

1. The main character Hawkeye who is not a Native American, is adopted by the Mohican chief and is his step son, similar to how Connor is half Native and half British.

2. Hawkeye wears a very similar outfit to Connors outfit when he was a teenager.

3. When the Mohicans are hunting they kill an elk and thank it for the meat and pelt that the animal has provided them. Similar to how Connor says "Thank you" (In Mohawk) to the animal he's killed.

4. Hawkeye analyses foot prints in the ground or other various clues to track his targets. Simular to how Connor analyses cluse when hunting animals or looking for targets.

5. The chief of the Mohicans Chingachgook uses a war club in battle, identical to the Gunstock War Club that is available in AC3. The chief also throws the war club identicaly to how Connor throws them in the game.

6. The way Hawkeye holds his musket while running is identical to how Connor does it in the game.

7. Hawkeye along with the villan in the film Magua, dual wield a Tomahawk and a dagger, identicaly to how Connor dual wields his Tomahawk and dagger. Tomahawk in the right hand and dagger with the blade facing down in the left hand.

Anyway these are the few similarites i noticed, if you think i missed a few feel free to mention them in the comments.  

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