So i've seen all the fuss about the reviews and how AC Unity seems to be getting low scores and blah blah i've decided to make my own review and post it here,if you've played the game and have any complaints about this review feel free to share them.Also if you haven't got the game and wanna ask a question about it,i'll answer it when i have time.

The story is on par with Black Flag,not amazing,but good enough.What really shines here though is the improvements Ubisfot has made.The combat is now an actual challenge and you can't just jump in a place with 100 guards hoping to survive,the feeling of being overpowered has been removed but that doesn't make the game worse,in fact it makes you feel more like an assassin,you're not just a badass running around killing people,you actually gotta think to overcome your oponents.

The graphics are the best i've seen on open world games so far,and the city is huge,i'm almost 5 to 6 hours into the game and haven't even got the Assassin outfit yet.I don't think i've seen the same place twice outside of story missions.  

The new controlling scheme takes a while to adapt to but it makes navigation way easier by including the "Parkour Up" and "Parkour Down" buttons,still sometimes Arno just decides he wants to climb on a wall instead of chasing after a guy...but those kinda things are way less frequent than in past games.

The engine is completely changed from what it was in Black Flag/Rogue.This game deserves way more than the 6 and 7s it's been getting.Some improvements just don't work the way they should but they've tried to inovate.Take the Call of Duty series for example,another annual series,hardly any innovation and a poor story and still gets high scores.

AC Unity has an average story but many innovations,maybe some of its potential haven't been achieved,but it is the first game in the new generation of consoles,same way the first AC on PS3 wasn't the best and AC2 is still considered by many the best in the series,i have faith most of the improvements made in this game,will be improved upon in next year's installment.What's important is the innovation it tried to bring.

Don't be fooled this isn't an average game,you may not get engaged in the story as you were with Ezio but it isn't another AC3.AC Unity is good in it's own merit,with many fun things to do even if you don't count story missions.

Haven't experienced multiplayer yet thanks to DNS issues so...can't review that.

Well i ain't gonna attribute a score to this game,i'm gonna list the bad points,and the good ones about the game and you can decide for yourself if it's worth it

Good: (Innovation)  (Graphics)   (Huge City)   (Many Sidequests)   (More Freedom In Missions)

Bad: (Falls Short Of It's Potential)    (Average Story)    (Protagonist Feels Like An Ezio Clone)

So what you think about the game so far,if you played it?

If you didn't,do you plan to after seeing all the reviews and stuff?

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