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  • Arcemz

    I was looking through the images shown on the Abstergo Dossiers, and noticed this one:

    Underneath the image, it said "A First Civilization Temple? I wasn't sure what mountain this was, and then my friend showed me how to drop an image onto Google and it will search it. Turns out it is Mount Ararat in Turkey, and this mountain is thought the be the resting place of Noah's Ark. I know that Assassin's Creed relates a lot to the ancient Bibilical stories, and the dossiers at Abstergo say the Bible held some truths. Adam and Eve, Eden and many Biblical figures have turned out to be real, although in a different way than the Bible says. The question is, what is the relation between this supposedly First Civilization temple and Noah's Ark?

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  • Arcemz

    I was recently watching the movie "Clash of the Titans" which follows the demigod Perseus who embarks on an epic journey across ancient Greece to slay the gorgon Medusa and defeat the Kracken that was uncleashed by the god Hades. What I noticed was that while Perseus and the Greek soldiers were camping in the woods, Perseus found a glowing white sword lying on the ground. One of the soldiers came up behind him and said, "A gift from the gods", meaning the sword was given to him by Zeus and the other Greek gods.

    Now, in Assassin's Creed it states that Perseus was among the first to weild a Sword of Eden, which were created by the First Civilization, the real Greek gods of mythology. This links perfectly with Perseus's sword that was given fr…

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