Okay so we all have seen the AC 3 trailer, i like it actually. But it seems that Ubisoft has once again showed that Connor kills Brit guys again & again. And this has brought questions among the people though Ubisoft has Confirmed that Connor will kill both continental & brits (possibly a third party). What i asked from Ubisoft is this.

If you(ubisoft) said that Connor will be neutral prove it. Not by sheer words but by actions maybe in trailer, screenshots etc.

Also they included naval demo right? I hope that it's not a DLC because that thing is very awesome to me.Anyone agree with me?And a free naval missions will be very exciting to me.

Also we have a bonus mission right? Lost mayan & the ghost of war. We already know that Lost Mayan is a secret location mission right? I only ask what will the Ghost of war & A dangerous secret missions will be ? is it investigative mission, war mission, platform? or maybe something else entirely?

This is my first blog so feel free to post your comment here.

Thanks for reading.

Wish you answer it. ^_^"

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