So we all know that Desmond will have to use the Animus to explore his ancestor's memories right? But i have something interesting in my mind hmmm... though it's not the function i'm talking about here it's the shape of the animus that interested me. so here it is.

  1. Animus 1.28 : The shape somehow resembles a bed yeah a bed, and it requires a room sized chamber to make it operable.and you can't move it because it's fixed into place.
  2. Animus 2.0 - 2.03 : The shape has been improved into somewhat of a chair, and it doesn't require a room sized system to make it operable, and the good thing is they are portable so they can be moved remember when Desmond & co moved to Monteriggioni they took the Animus with them.
  3. Animus 3.0 : Now since ubi didn't reveal anything about this Animus i wonder what is the shape of this Animus? But i thought since it evolves from the 2 games i simply thought that it would be like a pair of glasses yes a glasses.because it is portable and Desmond could equip it more easily

Also, i wonder what kind of equipment Desmond will possess in this game? I hope that Shaun & Rebecca will have some fighting ability like Lucy and they shall fought the Templar agents.Any thought about our villains such as Daniel Cross & Warren vidic? Any thoughts about the Abstergo satellite?

That's all i have in mind for now. for more questions i will edit this blog

Thank you for reading.

Wish you answer it. ^_^

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