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Okay AC 3 has released another facebook app called AC3IRISEFOR Nope, it's not like project legacy since you're not reliving some memories. It's rather like a place where you tell your reason why and what do you rise for... I was thinking about making the same thing in a blog of course.... but since ubisoft makes this by releasing an exclusive artwork in the end. I'm confused about what should be given to the best reasons. since i can't create those fancy wiki things. Anyway here is the question? What is your reason to rise? And in what historic event/age would want to participate??? That's my questions feel free to answer them. i created this because some of you can't access the app and in facebook there are a lot of people who have contributed. I hope there will be an official blog on this thing.

Here's the app link :

Answeration out.

AnsweratioN Coffee Maybe?Wisdom words

Transmission ended,Vlog session closed, Please leave a reply on the comment section.

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