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Hello everyone, so Ubisoft is preparing another game YAaayy!!! (I'm a slowpoke)

What am i going to ask you is what will be the next weapons that is used by the assassins??

For example : Altair : Traditional assassin's weapons 

Ezio  : the same as Altair though with hidden guns, and crossbows and so on

Connor : tomahawk, bow and arrow, pistols and so on

Edward : Dual Cutlass, four pistols, blowpipe, and many more...

Hmm i recall that i've seen some interesting historical weapons that can be used in AC series for example i saw a pistol sword (yes a pistol sword where you can both fire and slash at the same time) because it's pure badass and it would intimidate enemies...

So, with that in mind i decided to make my comeback to the wiki with this blog after disappearing for a while....

Tell your answers in the commet sections of the blog

EDIT : what i mean is tell me what should be the next weapon set for AC game... and please specify the weapons that you'd like to use in future AC games...

Wish you happy and nice day, gentlemen ^_^

Blog session ended

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