Hi there. Assassin's Creed is an epic series.The locations , the story , the weapons ,everything is awesome.

But the actual most important thing is the protagonist whom people can relate to.

Asassin's Creed 1 showed us Altair. A ruthless and cunning assassin who is a bit self-centered in the beginning but later exhibits his qualities when his life changes.He becomes the leader of the assassins by confronting his own master.He develops new techniques and armor and works for the welfare of the assasins for as long as he lives.(literally)

Assassin's Creed 2 showed us Ezio.A womanizer and a bright person whose is forced into the life due to a tragedy.He grows up to be a person he never thought he would be.He also becomes the leader of the assassins through courage and determination and carries on Altair's legacy.

So,whom do you like more and why ?(I know I didn't mention everything about them. Please don't mention that again and again.)

Also, Ubisoft have created a massive hype about the story (especially Connor's story).

Do you think Connor will live up to expectations ? Will he able to match Ezio and Altair?

Please comment.

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