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Edward's personality and social status

Anexas98 March 29, 2013 User blog:Anexas98

Hey there AC fans.

As you all know , AC IV Black Flag is set to release on 29 th Oct this year. I'm sure most you have already seen the trailer . If not click here : . So what do you guys think about the Edward?

He seems to be really serious and really focused like Altair.


What The Hell Is She Doing With HIM!?!???

And definitely a ladies man like Ezio.

Edward 8

That was nice....

He seems to be well connected and very skilled

Edward From The Trailer 2

I got the real shit right here!!

Edward 9

Yo dudes! Where is my share?!?

Edward 2

Yeah baby!!!!!!!

Edward 12

I can synchronize anywhere ! Yayyyy

Though I doubt people would want him to be like Connor XD

Connor 2

:( No one likes me

In the trailer , Blackbeard states that Edward is not a man to be messed with . That is apparent.

Edward 10

Don't mess with my girl!!!!

Maybe at some point in his life , he falls in love with a prostitute(I don't know any other milder word , sorry XD)

Edward 11

Come with me !

So , tell me guys how do you think Edward will be in comparison with Altair, Ezio & Connor.

(BTW We might get to see Haytham as a child)

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