• Andro69

    I've been trying to do counter kills in AC2 but it mostly didn't work. Now what do I have to do or what am I doing wrong that the counter kill doesn't function properly? I have played Bloodlines and counters go perfectly there.

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  • Andro69

    Still searching the site on which I found the Auditore edition, I found two pictures of the Auditore and Codex edition exclusive maps. These maps are the Trajan Marker and the Aqua Gear.

    So what do you guys think about these exclusive single player maps?

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  • Andro69

    I found this picture on the site posted on this wiki by Amit_878 (thank you again) and since it's a very important information I posted it here.

    The Auditore Edition will contain:

    • Transparancy box with 3D thermofored portrait of Ezio Auditore and Animus effect
    • Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood game
    • Lineage DVD
    • Multiplayer character cards
    • Aqua Gear; exclusive single player map
    • Additional bonus to be discovered

    The site was in Hebrew and had to use the Google translator to get a picture of what was written. Nonetheless, the site contains a lot of info, so if anyone speaks both Hebrew and English, please translate it correctly (Google translator is not a very reliable source). The site can be found on this link.

    Now please, comments and ideas.

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