Hello Everyone, and welcome to my first blog post!

I think the title is pretty obvious. Lately, I've seen many contributors simply disrespecting staff (and other contributors, for that matter). I've seen it happening in blog posts, I've seen it happening on the IRC and I've seen it happening on talk pages. Yes, I know what some of you might say: and indeed, I should perhaps mind my own business and just let everyone do as they please, but I'm not going to.

Today, I witnessed someone getting banned from the IRC for calling us (all the others on the IRC, and probably even all the active contributors to this wiki) noobs and being outright rude to us. What happenes next: This person writes a blog telling us how wrong we are and how stupid we are to ban him, because his is *obviously* so very, very important to our wiki. Some people seem to think this entire place revolves around them: it doesn't, so just keep your feet on the ground and think before you start calling other users "fucking noobs".

Now, this isn't going to be a one-sided story: I agree with you when you say that our admins and other staff members are a bit rude and easily irritated at times, and yes, some of them could take the time to think a bit more. But keep in mind that they deal with numerous trolls, noobs etc. every day, just to keep this place neat. I think we should compliment them for that, instead of scolding them.

That's all for now. You can leave comments on this blog, but let's keep it friendly and polite, shall we? If not, you guys will be forcing me to close the comments down.

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