Ok heres your change to show off your creative skills. Heres my first chapter of my story.

Assassins Creed: The Forbidden Child.

Maysaf the town of Christians. The main headquarters for the Assassins. A white horse plodded through the town wearily. A girl astride its back. For days she had travelled but with no luck so far. She saw a man in a white robe with a hood and a red tie. This was confusing. Her Assassins ‘A’ which was branded on her right hand was visible. She soon caught this mans attention. This was not good. She dismounted quickly and sprinted a fast as she could and hid in the shadows.

She kept her breath at a steady pace. The man walked past. She sneaked away and headed towards the Assassins headquarters. This was going to be risky she didn’t want to be seen. Another member of the organization spotted her. “What’s your business here?” he demanded. She looked at him and smiled. “I am Tarja. I am here to see the master.” She said. The other nodded and offered his hand. She took it and was lead to the castle.

It was bigger inside than it looked from the outside. The master was waiting. As soon as he saw her he smiled. “Welcome my child.” He said. Tarja bent down on one knee. “Master.” She whispered. The master walked to the front of his desk. “Rise child. Tell me what brings you here?” he asked gently. Tarja stood up and looked at her right hand. The ‘A’ had ivy around it a symbol that she was a top assassin for the woman’s Creed. “I need to know who my father is. The mistress back at the Romanian institute told me he was from this town and he was a skilled assassin.” Tarja explained. The master smiled again and offered her to sit down. “I know this story very well. Let me tell you.” He said sitting back behind his desk once more. “Sixteen years ago it happened your father was in love with a Romanian female assassin...”

Altair’s Flashback...

I found myself in close combat with the English enemy. Both Creeds fought side by side. I killed many but with no damage upon my soul. The battle was at its final phase. By luck we were winning but that was not important to me. The woman I was fighting with she had my heart. After nearly two years of fighting the English retreated. A cheer erupted from those still standing as we watched the enemy flee. “Altair your Creed has brought peace to our lands. How can we repay you?” Anna asked. I smiled. Taking her hands in mine I brought them up to my lips and kissed them. “Just a kiss from a beautiful lady.” I said. Anna smiled and I brought her lips to mine and I kissed her deeply. As she pulled away I knew there was something she wanted to tell me. “Altair, remember that night of passion we had a few days ago?” she asked. I remembered. We loved each other so. “Yes. What about it?” I asked. Anna sighed and looked me straight in the eyes. “I’m pregnant.” She announced. This was the best news I had heard all day. I touched her womb. “I cannot care for the poor child. I have to go back home. But hopefully, one day the child will seek me out.” I smiled. Anna embraced me with her kiss once more. “I will send the child once he or she has become of age.” She said. I looked at her. In a few minutes my clan would be leaving to return home. “Train the child well and get him or her to your ranking.” I said. Anna nodded and let me go. A wind blew and as I turned around to see her face for the last time a single tear fell from her beautiful eyes and fell to the snowy floor. ‘I just hope she bears me with a daughter.’ Were my final thoughts on the matter. All I had to do now was wait until the child became sixteen...

Tarja’s eyes were wide. “Is that what happened?” she asked. The master smiled and patted her hands. “Yes. The Romanian mistress sent me letters of your progress. When I had news that you were of top ranking and you were on your way here, well that impressed me. But I must ask you show us your skills against my top assassin Altair, your father and you may have a place here.” The master said. She nodded in a firm agreement. She stood up and went back outside.

The training ground was only small but it looked fun. Tarja turned around and saw the master talking to someone. ‘Is that him?’ Tarja wondered. Without further question she entered the ring and drew her sword. The other man entered. “So your Tarja.” He smiled. She looked at him and returned the smile. “Yes.” Was all she could say. It was Altair who took the first blow. Tarja dodged as swiftly as an eagle. “Good dodge.” Altair commented. Tarja smiled and somersaulted into the air and made a deep gash in his back. “How was that?” Tarja smiled. “The weak spot.” Said Altair. “I don’t need any further proof. You are my daughter.” He said and sheathed his sword once more. Tarja nodded and walked back over to him. “Get me some alcohol and a clean rag.” She said to a training Assassin. The boy nodded and returned in no time. Tarja poured the ale on the rag and dabbed carefully on her father’s wound. “I am sorry. I didn’t mean for it to go that deep.” She apologized. Altair smiled and cringed as the rag cleaned the wound. “It’s not a problem” he assured his child. Tarja smiled and bandaged him up. Altair turned and faced his daughter. He embraced her. Tarja was shocked at her father’s sudden move. She nuzzled into him. “Thank you.” She mumbled. She was released. She stood up and looked at the Master. He smiled and nodded. “Welcome.” He said. Tarja walked back into the castle. Her previous battle wound had reopened in her fight.

She fell onto a nearby chair and held her right leg. A passing librarian saw her. The blood was oozing through her robes. “Someone I need help.” He called. Altair heard the distressed call. He ran in and saw Tarja holding her leg. “Father, don’t fuss I’m fine.” She said. Altair shook his head. He picked her up. He sighed. “I know its not that deep but you need medical attention.” He said. Tarja smiled and passed out due to the loss of blood.

An hour later she woke up. A group of doctors around her. She sighed. Great just what she needed and she was falling behind in her mission.


Assassins Creed: The Forbbiden Child Chapter 2

Night had fallen over Masyaf when Tarja was finally released from the medical wing. She sat on the edge of her bed and shook her head to clear it. A woman walked in and Tarja reached for her sword. "Don't be afraid child." the stranger said. Tarja didn't want to take any chances. "Who are you?" she growled, her tone threatening. The woman smiled in the dim candle light. "I am Maria." she said. Tarja's expression went from angry to confused. "But you're an English knight. How did you get inside these walls?" she asked. Altair walked into the low light. "Because she is my new lover." he said. This was too much for Tarja and she picked up her equipment and left.

Tarja mounted her horse. As she did so she saw two trainee Assassins. One faced her. "So you are our blood sister." said one. "Not for long. I am leaving this place and I shall return not." she said. The two men exchanged glances. One took her right hand. "Stay. I'm sure this is not what father wants. I am Delano." said the man. Tarja was lifted off her horse. Delano smiled at her. She relaxed. Maria walked up to them. Tarja hid her face under her hood. Her brother put a coforting arm around her. For some reason, Tarja felt a brotherly connection coming from him. This made her smile. "Tarja. I see ypu have met your brothers." said Maria. "I suppose." Tarja muttered. Even though she felt safe in Delano's presence she wanted to leave. her other brother walked up to her left side. "Marcus. have you had permission off your father to be out here?" Maria asked him.Tarja broke free of Delano's arm and pulled her hood back and headed for the Assassin's Castle for the library.

As she ran her finger along the spines of the books, she realised there would be nothing her that took her fancy. She sat at a desk and pulled some parchment, ink and a quill towards her and wrote Altair a letter:

Dear Father,
I am sorry for what happened today. I know I don't belong here, so I will be taking my leave in the morning. Please do not expect me to return. I wont be far. Safety and peace.


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