• AltairsDecendant

    Ok heres your change to show off your creative skills. Heres my first chapter of my story.

    Assassins Creed: The Forbidden Child.

    Maysaf the town of Christians. The main headquarters for the Assassins. A white horse plodded through the town wearily. A girl astride its back. For days she had travelled but with no luck so far. She saw a man in a white robe with a hood and a red tie. This was confusing. Her Assassins ‘A’ which was branded on her right hand was visible. She soon caught this mans attention. This was not good. She dismounted quickly and sprinted a fast as she could and hid in the shadows.

    She kept her breath at a steady pace. The man walked past. She sneaked away and headed towards the Assassins headquarters. This was going to be ri…

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