In my new blog series, I will be searching for the truth. The answers. As a longtime AC fan, I've had my fair share of mysteries, the greatest of which was the riddle of how it will all end.

We'll get to that.

My first blog post will be about the new information provided by YouTube user andrei502, who has brought us leaked audio files from a presumed Revelatipns DLC. It reveals little things, like how to pronounce 16's mouthful of a last name, but bigger things like MAJOR SPOILERS I MEAN IT THIS WILL RUIN THE SERIES FOR YOU IF YOU ARE READING IT PREMATURELY Lucy has always been a Templar and that all the emails from AC1 were staged.

What does this mean about Shaun and Rebecca?

It's most likely that they didn't know anything about Lucy's side-switching. They are assassins.

Is this why Juno killed her at the end of Brotherhood?

Partly. She mainly killed her so Desmond would see the truth in the sync nexus.

Did Lucy have feelings for Desmond?

Probably not. It was an illusion.

I do realize the "answers" segment has been sparse today, but we do not have a lot of material to work with. The biggest part of this blog, though, will be questions regarding the AC mythos you have for me. If you have any unexplained mysteries you would like solved to the best of my knowledge, request for it in the comments and I will try my best to answer it.

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