This is something that I have created for those hardcore AC players. It's the Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Ultimate Challenge. Basically, what you need to do is complete the game with these requirements:

  • 1. You must fulfill the Full Sync for each mission before proceeding to the next one.
(The only mission I've had trouble with was the Trojan Horse mission of Sequence 6 (do not lose any health squares), so I just skipped that requirement.)
  • 2. Do not burn any Borgia towers other than the ones that are primary mission based.
(For the mission Calling all Stand Ins of Sequence 7, you need at least 4 apprentices. I would recommend burning the two Borgia Towers on the east side of the Campagna district, since that area is barely visited.)
  • 3. Do not sync with any view points, again, other than the ones that need to be synced with.
  • 4. Do not rebuild any store or building, do not buy any landmarks.
  • 5. You may buy from stores, except for Armor upgrades (unless story based), weapons, equipment bag upgrades, or paintings.
  • 6. You can only have 2 assassins, up until the mission mentioned earlier.
  • 7. Do not train your assassins. Should they level up by summoning them, do not spend their skill points.
  • 8. Do not do any side missions (Assassination, Theif, Courtesan, Templar, Cristina, Romulus lairs, etc.)
  • 9. Do not die, either from falling or fighting.

Now, go challenge yourself. Alpheta 02:23, January 5, 2011 (UTC)

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