• Allyauditore

    OK let's start from the beginning... I want to create this blog to share with you me experience...the last one (the one that says ACB experience,) was more about the BETA I have my game, and I must say...IT'S AMAIZING!!! hte grphics , the story is good really good..the best of all!!!

    Well, hahaha ist funny that I just started the game (last night)..Im in the VILLA ATTACK...share with me your opinions!!

    btw...the scene with caterina WOW...I LIKE THAT!!!hahahaha

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  • Allyauditore

    ACB-Items for fun!!

    November 2, 2010 by Allyauditore

    My obsesion with AC is a little bit to HIGH...well someone knew that and now you can check it out the 7-eleven promotion of Slurpee

    is kind of cool!!!

    see ya!!

    this are mine now

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  • Allyauditore

    ok It's amazing that it's been like 3 week that I already have the code AND I HAVEN'T PLAY YET.....the reason....?? too much work...ok I supose to start playing today....any suggestions??? or tips...

    Well guys please feel free to give me any opinion even spoirlers is me...I need all the help I can get,...

    Im gonna be online all the time so I can read your opinions or...just SHOW MY INCOMPETENCE hahahah...

    AllyAuditore 23:57, October 15, 2010 (UTC)

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  • Allyauditore

    Ok today I have my code, and the beta version for my ps3...

    any suggestions to start ???

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  • Allyauditore

    well I have a few questions about the story and facts on the assassins creed series..I hope all of you people can help me with this...

    1.- Why Giovanni Auditore have ALL he's fingers? Leonardo supose to make some improvements on the blade to allow Ezio keep his finger? mmmm right????

    2.- Where is Abstergo?

    3.- What happend with Rosa?

    4.- Can anybody explain me why THE TEMPLARS ARE WRONG or ARE THE BAD GUYS ???I mean what they say is pretty good argument...

    5.- THe feathers that Altair stain with blood of the targets..are the same that Petruccio ask to Ezio to recover???

    6.- Why all the assassins use different clothes on the AC2 and on the AC1 all of them use they "hoods"?i know the obvious reason "undercover" but..not even when they DISCOVER the…

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