After a few months in doubt and uncertainty, a change of screenwriters and rumors about the possibility that Swedish Daniel Espinosa could direct, actor Michael Fassbender, attached to the project as producer and main actor has announced that Australian Justin Kurzel will be the one to give life to our beloved franchise. While I always expected that a renowned director would be hired, I have to admit I'm quite happy with that choice. Why? Well, to begin with, this is not the first time that Fassbender and Kurzel work together. They actually finished the principal photography of their adaptation of William Shakespear's Macbeth in which Fassbender portrays the homonymous character. Add to this that Kurzel is an awarded filmmaker in his country for his work on Snowtown and The Turning. He was nominated twice for Best Direction at the Awards AACTA Awards (the Australian equivalent of the Oscars) and won for Snowtown in 2011. So, now we have an awarded director that Micheal Fassbender has already work with and decided to work with once again. I guess this is a good sign. Remember, when Fassbender works more than once with a director, it's because there is a lot of potential. You only have to think about Fassbender and Steve McQueen... I cannot wait to see the first trailer.

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