There is a question. A question who had been at the top of my head since I played AC: Brotherhood. An unresolved question which leads to what I call the greatest untold mystery in the Assassin's Creed narrative. It's a question I have been waiting for a long time to be answered, BUT... But it never came. It was not until I arrived to the conclusion of AC III that I realized there was something wrong. For the question is: Who is Desmond Miles' son and what is his purpose?

For those of you who have no idea about what I'm talking, let's get the clock back. In Brotherhood, much likely the Glyphs in ACII, you can find what they call the Rifts, which when you found them all gave you access to the Miracle, a short parkour game within the Animus matrix and where Desmond meets for the first time Subect 16 a.k.a. Clay Kaczmarek. They have a short conversation in which Clay makes important revelations and predictions.

Some of them have been fulfiled: Lucy's betrayal ("She is not who you think she is.") and Desmond's coma and his second meeting with Clay in the Black Room ("Find me in the darkness."). There are also references to what Clay has seen during his sessions in the Animus and what Juno showed him, like the impending end of the world and Desmond's final choice over mankind's fate ("'No time. It is far later than you know. Too late to save them.").

But there is also this one sentence that made a lot of ink flow and was at the origin of many theories and conspiracies on the Internet. Before he vanished, Subject 16 said, to Desmond's demand, that "Eden. She... in Eden. Find Eve. The key. Her DNA..." and added "I can not... The sun... Your son... Too weak... Must replenish energy..."

And now, it all comes down to this. What would he mean? I mean, now that Desmond's story arc is over (so they say), how is that supposed to make sense? And his son... Who is his son? That's the question worth a million dollars. He had to be important somehow. I cannot figure out his importance to the story. It cannot simply be a mere loose end, that would be quite the shame and I would be greatly disappointed. While I planned to pen a fanon on the subject with my own explanation, I would like to have something canon too. Finding Eve in Eden, because the key is in her DNA and Desmond's son... If the supporters of the theory that Desmond is still alive (which I'm part of), this is our best argument to prove it. So far.

So what do you think? Who is the son of Desmond Miles? And when will Eve and Eden play their part in the games' narrative? I hope Unity will bring more answers than the three past instalments did on this matter.

P.S. I always thought that Eve might not be the Eve, but someone related to her.

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