• Akira-otomo

    Hey, the first time I ever played on Assassin's Creed was back in 2008. My mother had gotten my brothers and I an Xbox 360, and one of the packaged games was Assassin's Creed. I'd heard about it from my friend, Patrick, who said that he really liked it, but the ending was wierd; intrigued by this, I checked it out ...

    Assassin's Creed I was amazing, until our Xbox broke becase my brother left it on all day while the radiotor was on full blast right next to it. Still, last Christmas, 2009, we got a PlayStation 3 for Christmas, and lo, Assassin's Creed was bundled with it! So I set out to complete it, and finally, after three hard months of trying and failing and being told it was bed timeso I couldn't save my progress, I completed it.

    Then, B…

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