Ok i've been trying to write this for a while but it hasn't let me post.

I have noticed that assassins creed doesn't ussually end with a happy ending. So I realy think that assassins creed 3 will be no different. I think it will end with dezmond either saving the world from the solar flare but failing to stop the satilight launch and forced to go in to hiding. This will leave the assassins weaker than ever with only a few being able to resist the effects of the POE.

It may also end with dezmond stoping the satilight launch and saving the world from the solar flare but dying to do so. This will allow the torch to be passed to the new protagonist for AC4.

both endings he saves the world from the solar flare because I think that is the only way they can possibly consider making an AC4 (and yes there will be an AC4 because AC makes too much money).

So It got me wondering what other people thought about how it will end. How do you think it will end? happy, sad and neutral endings are all exepted.

Addition: and roughly who would be the main charicter for the next game?

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