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  • AgentValentine

    We're getting BoV tomorrow, 2/18/2010

    Here's the proof!

    Get ready to update the articles, ladies and gents. :)

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  • AgentValentine

    If, by way of gameplay choices or fast fingers, you could prevent the death of any character in Assassin's Creed II, who's life would you fight for? For me, it would likely be Petruccio, as he's only a child, and watching the Auditore family execution really bothers me because of the whole child-death thing.

    Assassination-wise, I'd like to maybe save and redeem Vieri de' Pazzi, as his crappy behavior is obviously just a cry for Daddy's attention, or Dante Moro, because he didn't deserve any of this crap. Who would you save?

    Note: I know this is completely game-breaking and impossible, but it makes me feel better for having just assassinated Dante again. :| Humor me.

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  • AgentValentine

    Is anyone else having trouble with the IRC? It's like being back in dialup! The messages I type don't show up (on my screen) till about oh, three minutes after I enter it.

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  • AgentValentine

    As a PC gamer, I was originally going to wait until AC2 came out on PC to get my hands on it, but then I saw the price and was unimpressed. I decided to get it for PS3, from my local Gamestop.

    The box read GameStop Exclusive! Bonus In-Game Map Inside. Oh, really? I thought. But I'm getting it used. Someone's already used the code.

    Well, I forgot about it for a while after that. I'd only payed around 8 dollars for the game, after my trade in of Prototype, Brutal Legend, and some extra money that had been left on my Edge card. But today, I got curious. I missed Lorenzo. So I tried the code, sure that it wouldn't work.

    But it worked.

    I was giddy--absolutely beside myself. The map was wonderful (!!!) and I got to see Lorenzo's pretty face again. Oh …

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