So, my Xbox 360 went through an adventure recently...

I was going to play Assassin's Creed Revelations when I got home on the 13th of March, but instead, my Xbox stopped reading discs. Everything was working fine, except the disc reader. It couldn't read movies, AC2, ACR, etc. All discs were labeled as "Unreadable."

I went to Microsoft's website and went through all the possible solutions. None of them worked. So, I registered my product, and I've sent it in for repairs. A funky thing happened that night. I got to the part where I selected what Shipping label to print, and then hit continue. I got a technical error that said it might be fixed soon, but possibly not until 24 hours from them.

The big problem was that my warranty on my Xbox ran out on the 14th of March, and I was making the process that night (the 31th). I didn't know what to do until I clicked on the live chat. The Agent was VERY nice to me, and processed the order for me. I got the shipping label on the 14th, and my Xbox--without any accessories--was now gone for two weeks.

Fortunately, this was all free because I processed the order on the 13th. :)

In truth, it was 2 weeks and 1 day before I got my Xbox 360 back. When I did, it worked perfectly and read my discs. It was Thursday, the 29th of March when I finally got it back. I'm very happy.

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