I've been writing a book of late, not about Assassin's Creed, but of something original. It does take place in Italy. Regardless, I've learned a lot about Anti-Heros because I'm writing an Anti-Hero book.

After learning about Anti-Heros, I kinda realized that the Spainard is more than just a villian, but in a way an Anti-Hero. Why? Didn't you root for him in Assassin's Creed Brotherhood against Cesare? I know I was. That's because an Anti-Hero is someone you hate, but someone you still root for because of the following reasons:

1) The evil person (Anti-Hero) is fighting someone even more evil than himself. Cesare was far more evil than his father, and when Roderigo tried to poison Cesare, I was hoping it would work, because he was so evil. I kept rooting for Roderigo until he died. I'm glad Ezio gave him his last rites.

2) An Anti-Hero, in order to be sympathized with, needs to show himself as: capable, doing awesome things, having passions, etc. The Spainard showed all those things in AC2. And even though those things were watered down in ACB, because he had shown those things previously, I found myself rooting for him in Brotherhood.

In any case, I'm thinking Roderigo was more than a villian, but also an Anti-Hero (at least in Brotherhood).

What do you think of this?

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