Greetings. I just got a Slim 250 GB hard drive for my Xbox 360 Slim. It had a 4 GB memory unit in it.

I have only four games, but I noticed something weird after installing them into the Hard Drive--the sound would go out for half a second at seemingly random times. However, I tested it, and it seems like there are set times when the sounds go off.

I tested this when I played Assassin's Creed II. I was in Sequence 13, and I was about to kill Savonarola. I wanted to see if installing the game onto the Hard Drive would fix the missing dialogues in those DLCs. They didn't. I got to the part where Ezio said "I have." to Savonarola, and there was a sound skip in his voice around "have" for about half a second.

At first, I thought it was just electronic interference with my HDMI cable, because I had sound clips go out for half a second before randomly.

But I had turned off the Xbox after Ezio kills his target. When I loaded again, I had to do the scene all over again, and when Ezio said "I have," to his target, the sound AGAIN skipped a half second on "have."

Also, the sound skips seemed to be more common with the game installed on Hard Drive.

I thought it was just the DLC since the DLC is a bit buggy. So, I played AC Brotherhood instead. It was also installed on the Xbox's hard drive. And I got sound skips, again. So, it's not the AC2 DLC.

Is there anything I can do to fix these problems?

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