So far, it's better than I thought it would be.

I thought the Maysaf Sequence was darn fun,(except the carriage chase. That was dumb), and so far, I'm loving the game. I love having Maysaf White as my dye (I wonder why no one has put up the dyes for Revelations on the wiki?) because Ezio LOOKS like an Assassin again. XD

I got used to the double weapon wheel really fast, and I'm not having a problem with it, but I still miss the Head button as being Eagle Vision (or Eagle Sense in this case). I really think, as someone else said on this site (I don't remember who), that the Empty Hand button should have been used for the Second Weapon Wheel instead of the Head button.

I haven't gotten to an "Altair" sequence yet, I just barely started the game and am in Sequence 2.

One thing I really did not like was Desmond Sequence 1, and I imagine I'll despise the other sequnces as well.

As for Den Defense, I've gone through the tutorial one, which wasn't so bad, but I imagine it'll get worse.

Enough negativity, I want to talk about the Hookblade. While I miss the double Hidden Blades (and I think they were better), I like sliding down ziplines, and being able to climb REALLY fast up towers and the like.

Personally, I think there are enough changes in this game that make it different from Brotherhood to be a good game. While you still have the renovations, you have other things to do (like the sidequests that pay you), the Hookblade, etc. I also find the guards that appear as yellow on your GPS as interesting, and I really like the new map, and how detailed it is. I think they did put a lot of work into it despite it being a year apart from Brotherhood.

However, with all the changes surrounding AC3, I think I'm more excited for that game than ACR.

One thing that's really interesting about ACR is that it blows me away, yet feels underwhelming at THE SAME TIME. How is that possible? I don't know, regardless, I'm going to keep having fun with it.

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