The title is a quote from someone on the GameFAQs forum of ACR in response to someone with the belief that Assassin's Creed is completely accurate to history.

I find it unbelievable that some people really believe Templars and Assassins (as in AC types) exist in real life, or that the games are completely historically accurate, and can be applied to history.

True, I use AC2 and ACB for research on one of my books I'm writing that takes place in 1514; however, I also use large books from the library and wikipedia to shift the chaft from the wheat.

It's also true that most of AC2's and ACB's history of some characters and most landmarks are accurate, but it's not true history.

Given these facts, why do some people insist that the things in a video game are real?

BTW: I am really grateful to the majority of the AC community for standing up and telling those people that this is just a game series and that it's not real.

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