in AC:B the end is a cliff hanger, i- as does everyone else- wants to know what happens! the suspence is killing me. i would also like to know where Desmond is going to be located in the AC3 game, i mean he cant stay where hes at, because wont he have to travel to obtain all the peices of Eden? plus, who will the new ancestore be!?(if there will be one) surely he cant be as cool as Altair or Ezio. And in every game we learn a little bit more about Subject 16, if he is not really dead, is it possible he will be shown in the new game!? Also, will desmond ever equip the hidden gun, and poison blade? who is the real templar organization leader in desmonds time? so many questions! what do the other remaning pieces of Eden do? Do we ever find out what the "truth" video actualy ever meant, were Adam and eve the one who were born of two races, the first children of the ones who came before and humans, are they the first assassins? what happend to Rebecca and Shaun after AC:B? is it possible they were templars to begin with? what new secrets will be learned from the apple? will they encounter more holograms of those who came before?will desmond ever use two hidden blades? what happend to lucy? is she dead or just wounded? these are some things everyone wants to know, so answer pleae!!!

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