As the title says, a bunch of things I want to see in ACV, I'll update it if I spot some good ones in the comments.

I want a formidable and interesting antagonist. My favourite AC antagonists are Haytham and Cesare. I want Victory to top that.

The first ìmages are promising but I really want to see an Assassins creed game that primarily plays in a night like time. Sure, give the option, but it seems so much more immersive.

Give us a complex main character, not a lovable fool like Arno (He wasn't bad but not very complex either), but most of all, give us complex side characters. Unity's had some boring side guys.

Either wrap up MD or give it an actual form, the way it was in Unity was just terrible.

Keep the sense of mystery in the story and gameplay. Don't drop bombshells like the time rifts 2 weeks before launch etc, it's terrible. Keep a mystery and don't give answers to everything in the story, it somehow takes away the hugeness of a revelation when made.

Jack the Ripper better be a sage or.. ;p.

I'd really love to see our main character being a bit older, giving him already a bit of a background. Keep his childhood something to be guessed at I suppose, overindulging people with live info seems to make them less interested in the protag (Connor and Arno).

Do such a poetic and interesting setting justice, there is much written about it, many famous historical figures, so go and exploit that.

how about you guys?

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