Throughout the assassins creed franchise, the story has always went the same basic route of putting you in the shoes of an assassin slaying the corrupt Templars one by one. yet this whole time Ubisoft has clung to the idea that both the assassins and Templars both mean well and are both good and bad in different ways, in my view though the assassins are easily given the title of the good guys. but this isn't what ubisoft had in mind.

We are supposed to be questioning ourselves constantly what side we think is right........... but we don't. I mean who honestly thinks the Templar personalities are more righteous or better than the assassins? anyone? what we need is the unthinkable.

A branch of assassins that are corrupt and view the creed similarly to Altiar at the beginning of AC1, but like ten times worse. it would be a cool factor to play as a dark antihero assassin that kills Templars, and enjoys it extremely. And the character believing anything is permitted will kill any who stand in his or her way. or to play as a Templar hunting down this assassin branch. this type of story will really get us to question what side we stand on.

What type of character would you guys like to see in the future?!

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