Imagine that after the Assassin's Creed Film, Ubisoft going forward declared that all the historical segments of all AC products would now have to be set during one single Century. The Century will be in between the 1st and the 19th. All products not set during the chosen Cetury are banned or erased.

Which Century would you want in this senario?

1st Century: Appearence of Christianity, Great Fire of Rome, Rebellion of Queen Boudica, First Jewish-Roman War, Destruction of Pompeii

Notable entities - Jesus of Nazareth, Augustus, Nero, Queen Boudica, Caligula

2nd Century: Roman Empire at it's peak under Trajan, Yellow Turban Rebellion, Bar Kokhba's Revolt

Notable entities - Ptomely, Han Dynasty, Trajan, Septimius Severus

3rd Century: Parthian Empire Succeeded Sassanid Empire, Bantu Expansion, Classical Era of Maya Civilization, Decline of Han Dynasty

Notable entities - Septimus Severus, Zhuge Liang, Cao Cao

4th Century: Spilt of the Roman Empire (East and West), Council of Nicaea, Christian Conversion os States

Notable entities - Consantine the Great, Augustine of Hippo, Basil of Caesarea

5th Century: Collapse of the Roman Empire (West), Attacks by Huns and Vandals, Anglo-Saxons settle in Britain, Chichen Itza is Founded

Notable entities - Attila the Hun (Huns), King Arthur, Vandals, Augustine of Hippo, Goths, Theodoric the Great, Vortigern, Pope Leo I, Julius Nepos, Liu Yu

6th Century: Begining of the Middle Ages, Battle of Camlann, Byzantines reclaim land owned the Western Roman Empire

Notable entities - King Arthur, Justinian I, Khosrow I, Boethius, Goths

7th Century: Appearence of Islam, Muslim Conquest, Islamic Civil Wars, Expansion of the Chinese Empire

Notable entities - Muhammed, Pacal the Great, Abu Bakr, Wu Zetain, Ali, Heracilus

8th Century: Second Arab Siege of Constantinople, Viking Raids Across Europe

Notable entities - Charlemagne, Wu Zetian, Charles Martel, Abu Muslim, Tang Dynasty, Han Yu, Vikings

9th Century: Viking Age, Carolingian Renaissance

Notable entities - Charlemagne, Alfred the Great, Ragnar Lodbrok, Han Yu, Louis the Pious, Vikings

10th Century: Apex of the Byzantine Empire, Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, Founding of Normandy, Founding of Kingdom of England

Notable entities - Simeon the Great, Otto the Great, Al Farabi, Leif Eriksson

11th Century: High Middle Ages, First Crusade, Decline of the Byzantine Empire, Norman Conquest of England, Formation of the Assassins

Notable entities - Pope Urban II, William the Conquerer, Basil II, Hassan Sabbah, Assassins

12th Century: Second and Third Crusade, Age of Cistercians, Formation of the Templar Order

Notable entities - Saladin, Richard the Lionheart, Bernard of Clairvaaux, Hugh de Payens, Temujin, Knights Templar

13th Century: Mongol Conquest, First Barons War

Notable entities - Genghis Khan, Kublai Khan, Hülegü Khan, Thomas Aquinas, Robert Fitzwalter, William of Cassingham Magna Carta

14th Century: Hundred Years' War, Wars of Scottish Independence, Peasants Revolt

Notable entities - William Wallace, Mansa Musa, Dante Alighieri, John Ball

15th Century: Renaissance, Ottomon Conquest of Constantinople, Italian Wars, Discovery of the Americas, Hundred Years War, War of Roses, Spanish Inquisition

Notable entities - Leonardo da Vinci, Joan of Arc, Christopher Columbus, Niccolo Machiavelli, Cesare Borgia, Pope Alexander VI, Lorenzo de Medici, Henry VII

16th Century: Age of Discovery, Protestant Reformation, Italian Wars, Spanish Armada, Sengoku Period

Notable entities - Martin Luther, Henry VIII, William Shakespeare, Galileo Galilei, Sir Francis Drake, Elizabeth I, Hernan Cortes, Ivan the Terrible, Ninjas, Da Vinci, Columbus, Machiavelli, Conquistadors

17th Century: Thirty Years War, Edo Japan, English Civil War, Scientific Revolution

Notable entities - Oliver Cromwell, Isaac Newton, Gustav II Adolf of Sweden, Rene Descartes, John Locke, Cardinal de Richelieu

18th Century: Enlightment, Formation of the USA, French Revolutin, Haitia Revolution, Golden Age of Piracy

Notable entities - George Washington, Thomas Jeffreson, Mozart, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Benjamin Franklin, Adam Smith, Voltaire, Napoleon Bonaparte, Blackbeard, Toussaint Louverture, Horatio Nelson, Robespierre, Alexander Pope, Buccaneers

19th Century: Napoleonic Wars, Victorian era, American Civil War, USA Expansion to the West, Industrial Revolution, Crimean War, Ango-Zulu War

Notable entities - Abraham Lincoln, Napoleon I, Queen Victoria, Thomas Edison, Karl Marx, Charles Darwin, Friedrich Nietzsche, Shaka Zulu, Vincent Van Gogh, Tsar Alexander II, Nardodnaya Volya, Frontiersman

Feel free to mention anything I've missed! So which Century would you choose for every Assassin's Creed game in the future to be set in?

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