Two siblings, Jacob and Evie, grow up in Crawley, a rustic borough just under 30 miles from the city of London. As teenagers they move into the city and are faced with great technological advancements as well as extreme poverty. They form a syndicate, a criminal organization, but also one which empowers the powerless. Using their complementing talents Jacob and Evie move up in the London underworld.

This to me sounds like an interesting premise for a story/game.

The question is: What does AC really add to this fantasy?

Pretty much nothing. All the AC tropes just detracts from what could have been an interesting story. Also from a gameplay point of viewv adding AC on top doesn't make a lot of sense. Brawling, gunfights and carriages are three gameplay elements that are natural for Syndicate, but don't fit AC at all. Why would a sophisticated assassin run around with his gang brawling in the streets of London? The two fantasies don't match.

Syndicate would have been way more exciting if Ubi just had the guts to drop AC and move on to a more general history franchise. Ubi has the gameplay ingredients: melee, climbing, gunplay, stealth (the quality of these is debatable ofc). From these pieces I think they should just build stories they want to tell. That would free the creators from all the AC staples they feel forced to shoe-horn into every game. It would also lead to more excitement among gamers.

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