So I have given it some thought and what if shay is actually a kenway? here's an idea I had, what if 1758 is the start date for AC comet but we actually start the game as Haytham? we play as him for maybe a sequence or 2 and then that can lead into the birth of shay in say 1760, connors birth date was 1756 so they would be of a similar age. we can see an actual father son relationship between shay and haytham as haytham passes down the templar philosophy to him and trains him.

This can add a level of grey morality, they can make shay an extremely likable character despite being a templar which will further solidify ubi's wish to show both sides as equally right (as at the moment the general idea with people who play the game is really assassins are good and templars are bad at its most basic level in the eyes of the general gaming audience). This can overlap the events of ac3 from shay's perspective and conclude somewhere around 1790/1800, connor can be the main antagonist

ACIII-Laststand 16
It could turn into a story of revenge when haytham is killed by connor and a theme of clashing of philosophies on a more personal level as the two will be brothers.

It will also make for a really badass boss fight between shay and connor. Also, with talks of adewale, maybe haytham assassinates adewale as he sees him as a threat to the templar hold in the american colonies in the first sequence?

We can also see haytham destroy the brotherhood in the colonies and of course see a lot more of connor as he will be fundamental to the story if shay is a kenway and is his brother. I don't know I thought this would be a great idea and a great way to bring the kenway family saga to a close and tie up all of the loose ends, what do you guys think?

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