AC Unity

About character size, in the Alpha phase of ACIII

Connor was slim, maybe this is just a rough model and the developers don't want to reveal now an identity that we can easily identify.

The non numbered title it could br referred to a sequel of a known Assassin.

Alsso, the color of the outfit in the culture of the Assassin Sect actually existed refers to the Mentor status (see Altair white and Al Mualim black, Ezio novice white but then dark colours in Revelations) so that Assassin in the video could be Connor as a Assassin Leader or with The Mentor status.

But the very unusual detail is the pocket watch of the character: Connor's profile looks inspired by the history
AC3 Connor Apple Activation
of Alexander McGillisvray, a man of half native half scottish, one of the principle chief of the Native American Creek tribe. George Washington crafted a custom Pocket Watch to gift McGillisvray for negotiating the Treaty of New York in 1790. If we can associate Connor to McGillisvray we could have a curious case of historical re-interpretation, afrter all, History is written by winners, what we see in the Animus is Truth!

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