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  • I live in Utopia
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  • My occupation is Conqueror, worshiper of Death, pirate
  • I am The Father of Understanding
  • Abelzorus Prime

    Imagine that after the Assassin's Creed Film, Ubisoft going forward declared that all the historical segments of all AC products would now have to be set during one single Century. The Century will be in between the 1st and the 19th. All products not set during the chosen Cetury are banned or erased.

    Which Century would you want in this senario?

    1st Century: Appearence of Christianity, Great Fire of Rome, Rebellion of Queen Boudica, First Jewish-Roman War, Destruction of Pompeii

    Notable entities - Jesus of Nazareth, Augustus, Nero, Queen Boudica, Caligula

    2nd Century: Roman Empire at it's peak under Trajan, Yellow Turban Rebellion, Bar Kokhba's Revolt

    Notable entities - Ptomely, Han Dynasty, Trajan, Septimius Severus

    3rd Century: Parthian Empire S…

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  • Abelzorus Prime

    I have a friend who is studying philosophy at University and has never played an Assassin's Creed game, we have had a few minor discussions about the series and I have finally piqued his interest due to the philosophical elements of the game and have arranged for me to lend him one of the games to see if he gets into it. I just don't know which one.

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  • Abelzorus Prime

    Major-General Sir Herbert Benjamin Edwardes was an English administrator, soldier, and statesman active in the Punjab, India. He is best known as the "Hero of Multan" for his pivotal role in securing the British victory in the Second Anglo-Sikh War.

    Edwards' extensive work in India could suggest that he is a previous adversary of Henry Green and Arbaaz Mir, who has returned to London to secure Templar power and combine a collection of Pieces of Eden with the Koh-I-Noor. Comments from the developers insinuate that there will be "Multiple Pieces of Eden", and the Templars might possibly need the Koh-I-Noor to bind all the fates of these pieces.

    This could be an applicable reason why Edwards travelled to India in 1841, to obtain the Koh-I-Noor …

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  • Abelzorus Prime

    This is what a great modern day could be that my friend came up with :

    • We would control an initiate.
    • The initiates we control would be customisable from the botom to the top.
    • We would use helix IN the headquarter of the initiates.
    • We would, sometimes, do missions where we would act as an assassin.
    • We could do the same missions as many times as we want.
    • We would be able to explore the initiates HQ inside and outside
    • We would be to talk with other characters like in AC2 and ACB.
    • Shaun Hasthings would be there (this guy always makes me smile)able to talk with othe

    You're free to tell what a great modern day would be for you.

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  • Abelzorus Prime

    The point of Unity was to relaunch the Franchise and update some of the gimmicks. A good idea in theory and I like some of the stuff, As for the old white-room conversations, on one hand I like some of the flashbacks but the game kind of proves why those Templar Deathbed Conversations were so important. It fulfilled a certain function which the deathbed flashbacks don't do at all.

    In Assassin's Creed, the point of those conversations wasn't necessarily to advance the plot or spell out a cool plot twist. Its about humanizing the targets and making Altair question his work, provide him a different perspective and the like. In Assassin's Creed II and Ezio games, they made the conversations briefer and shorter but the point is to give the villain a…

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