A S S A S S I N' S D A R K S I D E

  • A S S A S S I N' S D A R K S I D E

    People. Some Other Member's Of This Wiki Have Made Some Comment's About The Clan.. As One Of The Owner's I Think Our Clan Have Alot To Offer. We Dont Only Help And "Cheat" We Give To The Gaming Community.

    Please Have A Say In This Fight.It Is Only Best If I Get a Point Of Veiw From The Public.We All Should Be Able To "Get" People To Join Clan's On Wiki's Or Anything Of That Matter. As The Clan Is We Try To Unite Gamer's In A Fair Playing Felid. No One Is a "Noob" Or a "Lame-o" And If Any Type Of Abuse Is Dished Out We Will Kick Them From The Clan And The Owner Will Take To Play Station Network Or Soney And Make Sure The Get A 3 Week Ban Or a For Life Ban.

    Please Give Your Comments, We Would Like To Know What You Think

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