From the article:

Côté believes more such periods should be explored in future "Assassin's Creed" game.  

- Will you have time to move the action from the past, and do something crazy if you look in a few years that the series needs more insane?

- There are plenty of possibilities, but I do not think we're going to create a "Asssassins Creed" set in the future, for example. We have a contract with our fans. They expect to get some history on the purchase.  

- So there is no reason to hope for a "Massassin's Effect"?

- He-he, no.

Excludes not an "Assassin's Creed" set in the future It was juggled a bit of table setting, and in came Corey May. He is primarily responsible for the stories that are woven into this series. May confirms that they have a plan that extends several years into the future.

The next "Assassin's Creed" game for "Black Flag," is thus on the agenda for Ubisoft. Jade Raymond, who was instrumental in the development of the very first in the series, has already confirmed that she is again involved .

When Corey May hear what Côté colleague has told us a little earlier - that "Assassin's Creed" is hardly going to plant his foot in something futuristic - rears May in the chair.

- I do not agree, I think that all doors must remain open, he said to the press four.

- There is little in the premise of the series, does not it?

- Definitely, and we can not restrict by saying that we will never do something like that to move the action to the future. I exclude nothing.

Creative director at Microsoft Games Studios Alan Orth really became famous overnight, didn’t he? After defending the status of an always-online machine – and being eviscerated for it – news has come via reputed blogger Superannuation that two big upcoming titles are also rumoured to require a constant online connection.

As he tweeted recently, he states that “Watch_Dogs and AC4 are also rumored to have a persistent connection requirement? Can buy Watch_Dogs having one, iffy on AC requiring online.”

Look what i found. It's a missing edition called Pirates of the seven seas Edition. Note: It's just a picture of the edition in Italian.

ACIVBF map revealed...again. Note: It's a new map.

The source is here.

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