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  • A.J. two

    It's official . . .

    October 18, 2011 by A.J. two

    Ezio Auditore, of Assassin's Creed fame, has been shown in a leaked picture as the guest character in the upcoming SoulCalibur V. The rumor stems from a picture, seen in the link above, that "was provided to us by an anonymous tipster". The reveal of the guest character was to take place today - Monday, October 17, 2011 - at around 4:00 PM Pacific Standard Time (7:00 PM EST), and the news article was posted an hour and thirty-seven minutes later.

    In addition, seen revealed for the first time are Leixia, Nightmare, a mysterious crossed-swords button, and what appears to be Raphael Sorel, a french fencer who has "been on the fence" (sorry, couldn't resist) regarding his inclusion in the game, set 17 years after the previous, and which has been p…

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  • A.J. two

    So, through reading the comments and stuff throughout the wiki, I keep coming across the people linking Juno saying "The cross darkens the horizon" to Daniel Cross from The Fall. Well, that got me thinking. If I remember right, Ubisoft said that the novel and its characters would factor into the games at some point.

    Well, Daniel knows of an assassin named Bill Miles. Now, because of the name last name - the fact that two characters in a game with the last name are never unrelated - it is considered by many that Bill Miles is Desmond's father, who Vidic implied was dead but never actually stated. However, there is another possible link: William M., the man who Lucy and Shaun are both in contact with, and who tells Desmond, ironically, that t…

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  • A.J. two

    Okay, so, the wiki at large accepts that the Anius stops letting the user view the memories of a certain ancsestor once the next descendant is conceived. This is because of Desmond's, out-of-the-Animus Bleeding Effect hallucionation in ACII, where he controlled Altair up until he "did it" with Maria Thorpe, upon which the Desmond stops following Altair, and instead the scene focuses on Maria's womb, showing the payer that the next generation was conceived. Now, I did believe this "Conception Theory" at first, before I began extensively editing the wiki, but not I have doubts, for multiple reasons. I have made this blog to put out my arguments for that theory, which are laid out below:


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  • A.J. two

    Brotherhood is Awesome

    November 25, 2010 by A.J. two

    So, I got to play Brotherhood, and I have to say, though I am only in Sequence 5, it is awesome. Anyone else share my opinion?

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  • A.J. two

    So, while others have covered the topic of which multiplayer character is your favorite, I felt it was time to ask what multiplayer weapon used by those characters?

    Personally, I like the switchblade, because it is like the Assassin hidden blade, but I like the fan more because:


    B) It is used by my (as-of-now) favorite character, the Courtesan.


    So, what are your thought about the weapons?

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