Alright everyone, I would make this a poll but I don't quite know how yet. Hahah okay, the question is, who is your favorite assassin of the series so far, and why? Feel free to add what you like/hate the most about your favorite assassin, and what makes him/her your favorite!

Personally, my favorite is conflicting, because I like both Altair and Ezio. Altair because he is all around a total badass, he has no fear, he is a little cold, and although he cannot swim, a fact that I very much disliked about AC1, he went as far as challenging Templar Grandmaster Robert de'Sable alone, in the middle of a crusader camp. And Ezio because most of us can relate to Ezio more than we could Altair for the fact that we understand Ezio better, we know why he has become the way he is, and most of the events of his life, all the way from his very birth to rebuilding the Italian Assassins' order in the middle of the great city of Rome.

And personally, I think Desmond is pretty cool as well, although we have not seen him do very much yet. I can personally relate to him in more than a few ways, so I kinda have an idea what runs through his head around the time he says it in the games. Assassin-Rayne 08:18, July 24, 2010 (UTC)

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