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  • I live in Hell.
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    Booyah! Yes everyone, it is finally time for that update!

    Over the past few months there have been multiple problems concerning our Official IRC, which have now been resolved. As of this very moment, every Assassin here will hear the glorious sounds of triumph. The IRC has finally become overly Awesome! By taking and fusing all of our combined Essence of Awesome together, we of the Staff - along with help from a very trusted source - have finally made the ultimate place where our Brotherhood can congregate! So grab your hidden blades, raise your hoods and fists, and freerun down to the Bakery for a cookie and a mug of Assassin's Cupacchino before making your way to the new IRC to celebrate! -- Rayne Message 03:05, April 7, 2011 (UTC)

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  • 99998888833344

    It Has Started!

    October 20, 2010 by 99998888833344

    NO! I go to take a break and do other things for maybe half an hour, I come back, and suddenly the horrible, brain-lurching Oasis has been thrust upon me! Has this happened to anyone else as of yet? Please don't tell me that this horrible new layout has been implemented already...

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  • 99998888833344

    Alright everyone, I would make this a poll but I don't quite know how yet. Hahah okay, the question is, who is your favorite assassin of the series so far, and why? Feel free to add what you like/hate the most about your favorite assassin, and what makes him/her your favorite!

    Personally, my favorite is conflicting, because I like both Altair and Ezio. Altair because he is all around a total badass, he has no fear, he is a little cold, and although he cannot swim, a fact that I very much disliked about AC1, he went as far as challenging Templar Grandmaster Robert de'Sable alone, in the middle of a crusader camp. And Ezio because most of us can relate to Ezio more than we could Altair for the fact that we understand Ezio better, we know why …

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