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  • I live in A HOUSE
  • My occupation is EXECUTIVE OF HQI
  • I am MALE
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    Alright! How are we all? This is my first blog as the Acting Boss of HQI, but I'd better get down to the point. First off, I will be the acting boss of HQI for 2 weeks, ending next Saturday, I've really only just started due to my internet only just coming back (Don't you hate it when your internet is capped?).

    Anywho, Down to business.

    First up is an update on progress. As I previously mentioned, I have just started on the HUUUUU-UUUUUUUGE list of avatar requests today and I'm confident I'll be through them by Thursday, so don't worry, your Avatars are on the way!

    Furthermore, due to some differing reasons, it appears that we are rather short staffed here at HQI. SO, If you enjoy making avatars, or are good with graphic editing etc. Contact …

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    April 19, 2011 by . .-. ..- -.. .. - ---

    Hello, I just wanted to post a drawing of mine that I found in my sketchbook. It's not very good and I plan to redraw it, but it's off Ezio Auditore da Firenze. Any criticism would be nice, so I know exactly where to fix up.

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