Lady Ursula was a British citizen living in London in the mid-nineteenth century.

Possessing a considerable fortune, Lady Ursula made up her will when she was starting to grow poor of health. She decided to leave her china to her servants, Douglas and Miriam, and all her other possessions to her cat, Mittens.

When Mittens was killed by a milk wagon, Lady Ursula grew desperate in her attempts to decide to whom she should leave her fortune. She started attending séances of Thaddeus the Great, hoping to communicate with Mittens and learn of his wishes.

Unbeknownst to her, her butler Douglas was paying Thaddeus to tell her that he should inherit the money. When he learned that Thaddeus would reveal this to Lady Ursula during his next séance, he decided to murder Thaddeus. Lady Ursula, like all other clients, was a witness to the murder, although the lights went out and no one could see anything.

Jacob or Evie Frye investigated the murder, interrogating Lady Ursula and revealing Douglas' scheme. She refused to believe that Thaddeus hadn't been a true psychic, and turned out to be innocent of the crime.