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Upton's Sorrow was a virtual representation of one of Edward Kenway's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


Edward found a drunken Upton Travers and aimed to sober him up, so he could be brought to safety.


Edward met Upton at the Old Avery tavern.

  • Edward: Good god man, what's happened to you?
  • Upton: I cannot go on anymore! My brother: a traitor! That woman... Templar. I have no family! No wife of my own! What is the point of living, hm? Let them kill me.
  • Edward: You don't know what you're saying, mate. Let's get you some place safe.
  • Upton: What's the point?
  • Edward: The point is, I want my key, so I need you alive. I need your information, so I need you sober.
  • Upton: You are my best friend. C'mere; I'll kill you. What are you looking at?

Edward defended Upton in a fist fight.

  • Sailor: Hey, you there, with the sour face. What's that you said about mah maw?
  • Upton: I said she's a lovely woman, inside and out.
  • Sailor: Ah... And how would you know?
  • Upton: I thought everyone knew. That's right! I said it.
  • Sailor: I'll fix that mouth so it stops talking 'bout mas!

Edward knocked out Upton's assailants and began to escort him away from the tavern.

  • Edward: Come on mate, let's go.
  • Upton: No!
  • Edward: No?
  • Upton: ABCD... EFG...
  • Edward: Just go as straight as you can. Yes, towards me. That's it. No! Not that way!
  • Upton: I don't feel so good. Mate, I think I drank too much.

The pair passed by a church.

  • Upton: The church! In the name of the father, the son, and the holy– Mate, the father, the son, and the holy- what's the third one again?
  • Edward: Let's just keep it moving, yeah?
  • Upton: The father, the son, and the let's keep it move– no, that's not it.
  • Edward: What does it matter?
  • Upton: It doesn't. It doesn't matter. Nothing in this sour life does. Let's keep it moving. Keep it moving.

The pair came upon a group of prostitutes.

Upton's Sorrow 4

Upton and Edward stopping by a group of prostitutes

  • Upton: Who are these creatures?
  • Prostitute 1: That's no way to flatter a lady.
  • Upton: They all look like that woman to me. Are they muses or furies? I can't tell.
  • Prostitute 2: Muse? Fury? Whichever you like, for a price.
  • Upton: My lady, what happened to your teeth?
  • Prostitute 3: What's the matter? Do you not enjoy female company?
  • Prostitute 4: Come with me, kind sir, I'll make it worth your while.
  • Upton: Edward, give me your purse. I wish to commune with these angels.
  • Prostitute 1: Please my lord. My children are sick. Spare some coin for a glimpse of Venus?
  • Upton: They have the appearance of beauty but smell of spirits, and rot. Wonderful!
  • Prostitute 2: Your breath is no treat either, my lord, but I'll forget it for a price.
  • Upton: Edward, please?

With some intervention from Edward, the two were able to move on.

  • Edward: There's trouble over there. Work with me, mate! Turn around. Not over there! This way.
  • Upton: Who the hell are you?

Upton then went to urinate against a wall.

  • Edward: Upton, mate, no! Guards! There are guards nearby.
  • Upton: Piss off!
  • Edward: They won't stand for this.
  • Upton: I said, piss off! I need a piss. Ahhh, that's much better.
  • Guard: Stop that!
  • Upton: What? Why won't no one let me so much as take a piss.
  • Guard: Put it away!
  • Upton: I'm like a child.
  • Guard: Oy! This is sacred ground! I'll teach you to urinate!

Edward killed the guards.

Upton's Sorrow 5

Edward listening to Upton

  • Upton: I don't want to be like a child, Edward.
  • Edward: It's alright, mate.
  • Upton: Help me not be like a child.
  • Edward: You just need the drink to wear off. Are you safe here?
  • Upton: Safety is an illusion. But yes, I have friends here. I can hide.
  • Edward: Good.
  • Upton: What you must think of me. Have I said anything embarrassing?
  • Edward: No mate. You sound quite the scholar.
  • Upton: Betrayal makes one philosophical, don't it? Imagine. A Templar. My brother to marry a Templar.
  • Edward: I doubt it'll come to that.
  • Upton: I'm so afraid for him! Oh, please help keep him safe!
  • Edward: Sober up, mate. We'll finish this in the morning.
  • Upton: You're a forever friend, Kenway.
  • Edward: Mmm.


After much inconvenience, Edward managed to get Upton to safety.



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