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Upton's Sorrow was a virtual representation of one of Edward Kenway's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


Edward found a drunken Upton Travers and aimed to sober him up, so he could be brought to safety.


Edward met Upton at the Old Avery tavern.

  • Edward: Good god man, what's happened to you?
  • Upton: I cannot go on anymore! My brother: a traitor! That woman... Templar. I have no family! No wife of my own! What is the point of living, hm? Let them kill me.
  • Edward: You don't know what you're saying, mate. Let's get you some place safe.
  • Upton: What's the point?
  • Edward: The point is, I want my key, so I need you alive. I need your information, so I need you sober.
  • Upton: You are my best friend. C'mere; I'll kill you. What are you looking at?

Edward defended Upton in a fist fight.

  • Sailor: Hey, you there, with the sour face. What's that you said about mah maw?
  • Upton: I said she's a lovely woman, inside and out.
  • Sailor: Ah... And how would you know?
  • Upton: I thought everyone knew. That's right! I said it.
  • Sailor: I'll fix that mouth so it stops talking 'bout mas!

Edward knocked out Upton's assailants and began to escort him away from the tavern.

  • Edward: Come on mate, let's go.
  • Upton: No!
  • Edward: No?
  • Upton: ABCD... EFG...
  • Edward: Just go as straight as you can. Yes, towards me. That's it. No! Not that way!
  • Upton: I don't feel so good. Mate, I think I drank too much.

The pair passed by a church.

  • Upton: The church! In the name of the father, the son, and the holy– Mate, the father, the son, and the holy- what's the third one again?
  • Edward: Let's just keep it moving, yeah?
  • Upton: The father, the son, and the let's keep it move– no, that's not it.
  • Edward: What does it matter?
  • Upton: It doesn't. It doesn't matter. Nothing in this sour life does. Let's keep it moving. Keep it moving.

The pair came upon a group of prostitutes.

Upton's Sorrow 4

Upton and Edward stopping by a group of prostitutes

  • Upton: Who are these creatures?
  • Prostitute 1: That's no way to flatter a lady.
  • Upton: They all look like that woman to me. Are they muses or furies? I can't tell.
  • Prostitute 2: Muse? Fury? Whichever you like, for a price.
  • Upton: My lady, what happened to your teeth?
  • Prostitute 3: What's the matter? Do you not enjoy female company?
  • Prostitute 4: Come with me, kind sir, I'll make it worth your while.
  • Upton: Edward, give me your purse. I wish to commune with these angels.
  • Prostitute 1: Please my lord. My children are sick. Spare some coin for a glimpse of Venus?
  • Upton: They have the appearance of beauty but smell of spirits, and rot. Wonderful!
  • Prostitute 2: Your breath is no treat either, my lord, but I'll forget it for a price.
  • Upton: Edward, please?

With some intervention from Edward, the two were able to move on.

  • Edward: There's trouble over there. Work with me, mate! Turn around. Not over there! This way.
  • Upton: Who the hell are you?

Upton then went to urinate against a wall.

  • Edward: Upton, mate, no! Guards! There are guards nearby.
  • Upton: Piss off!
  • Edward: They won't stand for this.
  • Upton: I said, piss off! I need a piss. Ahhh, that's much better.
  • Guard: Stop that!
  • Upton: What? Why won't no one let me so much as take a piss.
  • Guard: Put it away!
  • Upton: I'm like a child.
  • Guard: Oy! This is sacred ground! I'll teach you to urinate!

Edward killed the guards.

Upton's Sorrow 5

Edward listening to Upton

  • Upton: I don't want to be like a child, Edward.
  • Edward: It's alright, mate.
  • Upton: Help me not be like a child.
  • Edward: You just need the drink to wear off. Are you safe here?
  • Upton: Safety is an illusion. But yes, I have friends here. I can hide.
  • Edward: Good.
  • Upton: What you must think of me. Have I said anything embarrassing?
  • Edward: No mate. You sound quite the scholar.
  • Upton: Betrayal makes one philosophical, don't it? Imagine. A Templar. My brother to marry a Templar.
  • Edward: I doubt it'll come to that.
  • Upton: I'm so afraid for him! Oh, please help keep him safe!
  • Edward: Sober up, mate. We'll finish this in the morning.
  • Upton: You're a forever friend, Kenway.
  • Edward: Mmm.


After much inconvenience, Edward managed to get Upton to safety.

Trivia Edit

  • The guards that Upton and Edward encounter would vary depending what timeline did the player choose to play the memory. If Nassau is still the Pirate Republic, the guards would be those identical to Pirate Hunters. If Nassau became a British colony when this memory is played, the guards would be changed to British Regulars.



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