"Giovanni's enemies will stop at nothing to get us. Troyes is their nest. It was here that their Order was made public, centuries ago."
―Maria Amiel, 1527.[src]

A street in Troyes

Troyes is a city in France. During the 11th century, it was the location where the Order of the Knights Templar was formed, later becoming a Templar base.

In the early 16th century, the Assassin Giovanni Borgia, along with his companion Maria Amiel, visited Troyes, in the search for a Templar known only as "the Viper".[1]

Aware of the dangers that staying in a city controlled by his enemies brought, Giovanni rented a single room for himself and Maria, but refused to sleep during the night they stayed there.[1]

The following day, Giovanni and Maria visited Troyes Cathedral, where they were quickly identified by the Viper, who had studied their appearances in Basel. The Viper then came over to Maria and began speaking to her, whispering in her ear, but he was quickly approached from behind and assassinated by Giovanni.[1]

Afterwards, the pair left the town immediately, as they were pursued by several enraged Templars.[1]

In 1740, the Grand Master of the British Rite of the Templar Order, Reginald Birch, took over the Droupt-Saint-Basle chateau near Troyes, using it as a base of operations. He lived there with his protégé Haytham Kenway, who trained on the grounds of the chateau.[2]

Upon discovering that Birch had been behind the death of his father, Haytham attacked the chateau in 1757, along with his half-sister Jennifer Scott and Jim Holden. During the attack, Birch and his henchmen were killed, and Haytham would reside there with Jennifer and Holden for a brief while.[2]