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Trident of Eden
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Piece of Eden


Human mind-control

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The Trident of Eden was an ancient artifact created by the Isu during human prehistory said to give the powers of a god to its wielder.

Originally belonging to Alexander the Great, he used the Trident in conjunction with a Staff of Eden to build his vast empire. While the Staff maintained his rule, Alexander wielded the Trident on the battlefield which saw his armies go undefeated.

When the Alexander died, the Trident was split into three and scattered across the globe. Separated, each prong functioned as a dagger and held their own individual abilities, allowing their wielders to manipulate the emotions of others. One caused an intense feeling of fear, in another an overwhelming sense of devotion or admiration, while the third induced blind faith.

Two of Alexander's generals, Seleucus and Ptolemy, each took a dagger, to Asia and Egypt respectively, while the final one was sent to Macedonia. Eventually, the Macedonian and Egyptian segments of the Trident ended up in the hands of the Roman Caesars with one subsequently being inherited by the Papacy.

Faith prong Edit

The faith prong was in possession of Pope Callixtus III during mid-15th century, before he gave it to the King of Aragon, Alfonso V, who passed it on to his descendants. Emperor Charles V eventually offered the artifact to Hernán Cortés, who used it to conquer the Aztec Empire.

In 1519, during his campaign against the Aztecs, Cortés displayed the power of the dagger: his men were reinvigorated by his mere presence on the battlefield despite facing overwhelming odds. The conquistador also used the artifact to bring hostile natives under his banner, as when he convinced Chimalpopoca to help him in an instant, despite the old Tlaxcaltec commander stating that he was ready to die before helping the Spaniards in any way.

Following the Mexican-American War, the Piece of Eden was brought to the Aztec Club in New York City until they lost possession of it during the 1863 draft riots. During his fight with Varius, Templar Cudgel Cormac inadvertently used the dagger on the Assassin while ranting about the Order's ideals, putting the Assassin in a state of confusion between his own faith in the Creed and the words of Cormac backed by the power of the prong. Varius was saved by Eliza and the pair gave the Piece of Eden to Ulysses S. Grant. Before his death, Grant hid the artifact under the floor of his home where it lay undisturbed until around 2016.

Other prongs Edit

One third of the Trident was rumored to be buried with Genghis Khan.[1]

History Edit

In the modern era, the mysterious Monroe and a group of teenagers he recruited accidentaly discovered the existence of the artifact through the exploration of their ancestors' memories in the Animus. This discovery pulled them into the conflict between the Assassins and Templars.

The team of young Assassin and Templar descendants went in search of the Trident, but the first part ended up stolen out from under Assassin and Templar forces by Monroe, who was working for an unknown third party.

Eventually the group came apart, Owen and a reluctant Javier took sides with the Assassins, while the four others led by Sean were willing to work with the Templars. During the following weeks, the two factions pursued the second piece of the Trident in Mongol China.[1]


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