"Oh, God, it's true. I couldn't help myself, the powder unleashed a creature within me. He seduced the innocent Prudence and then killed her to prevent us from marrying!"
―Alton confessing to the murder, 1868.[src]

Trevor Alton was a British citizen living and working in London in the Victorian era.


In 1868, Alton worked as a doctor in the City of London, having a small office and several patients to himself. When contacted by Mr. Shelby, who suffered from a paralyzing case of timidity, Alton used his skills and knowledge to develop an experimental medicine. The medical powder turned out to be a success, showing great improvement in the patient.

Emboldened by this success, Alton began to use the medication for himself. However, the medication caused a multiple-personality disorder, bringing to light a second personality, which identified itself by the name Baxter. As soon as Alton became aware of these side-effects, he stopped Shelby's prescription.

Baxter, however, started seducing several women around London, among whom were Lulu and Prudence Browne. When the latter intended to break off her engagement to Gilbert Higgins, Alton planned to marry her himself, so she would still remain a respectable woman. Baxter, however, did not approve of this plan, and murdered Prudence in a local park.

The following day, Alton was confronted by the Assassins Jacob and Evie Frye, who were investigating the murder. Following a complicated investigation, Alton was confronted with the evidence and forced to confess, claiming that 'the monster inside him' had killed Prudence Browne. Immediately after his confession, Alton was taken away by the Metropolitan Police Service.