The Torre Rognosa is a tower located in the town of San Gimignano. It was the residence of the Podesta of San Gimignano before the newer Torre Grossa was built.

Connected to the 13th century Palazzo Vecchio del Podestà, the Torre Rognosa rises 51 meters above San Gimignano.

Podestà was the title given to the appointed head of many Italian cities. The Palazzo Vecchio was the residence of the Podestà of San Gimignano for about 100 years, until, in 1337, he moved across the square into the Palazzo Comunale.


  • The tower functions as a viewpoint.
  • Torre Rognosa translates to Troublesome Tower (literally: Scabby Tower). The structure got this name since, after the Podestà moved his seat, it acted as a prison and so who resided there was in trouble.